The Wonderful World of Doodles: Coat Care and Maintenance


Written by Aria Lumina

Monday, July 10, 2023

Ah, Doodles! They perfectly combineUnraveling the Single-Coated Dog Grooming Mystery: From Matting to Line Brushing charm, intelligence, and irresistible curly coats. Their unique mix of breeds bestows them with one-of-a-kind coats that need special care and attention. In this post, we’ll delve into the details of Doodle coat maintenance from both the groomer’s and the owner’s perspectives.

Understanding the Doodle Coat

Doodles often boast a thick, curly, or wavy coat that varies from one dog to another. It’s part of their charm! But those beautiful curls can easily become tangled and matted if not taken care of properly.

It’s important to note that not all Doodles have the same type of coat. Some Doodles have a single coat, which is one layer of fur that can range from straight to extremely curly. Others might have a double coat, which consists of a dense undercoat beneath a longer topcoat.

Regardless of the coat type, regular grooming is crucial for Doodles. Single-coated Doodles can easily develop mats with their continuously growing hair if not regularly brushed and groomed. On the other hand, double-coated Doodles have an undercoat that can shed and become matted in the longer topcoat if not properly maintained.

So, whether your Doodle has a single or double coat, consistent grooming, and maintenance are key to keeping those adorable curls looking great and, more importantly, keeping your Doodle comfortable and healthy.

The Misconceptions About Doodles and Grooming

There’s a common myth that Doodles are hypoallergenic and don’t shed, which leads many owners to believe they require less grooming. While Doodles may shed less than other breeds, their shed hair often gets caught in the surrounding curls, leading to mats if not regularly brushed out. This is why grooming is paramount! A double-coated doodle may actually need MORE grooming than a single-coated dog like a Poodle.

Brushing Your Doodle: How Often?

For most Doodles, we recommend brushing your dog at least once every two to three days. Brushing helps prevent matting and tangles, stimulates the skin, distributes natural oils, and keeps your pet looking their best. Invest in a good long-pin slicker brush and a “greyhound” comb for the best results!

What is Matting?

Matting occurs when loose hairs twist together and form a tight knot. Over time, these knots can become as hard as a rock and as flat as a pancake, creating a ‘pelt.’ Pelting is terrible for your dog as it pulls on the skin, causing discomfort and sometimes even pain. Severe matting can also lead to hematomas and skin infections underneath the matted area. Pelting can NOT be brushed out and must be shaved off by a professional.

The Groomer’s Perspective: To Shave or Not to Shave?

When a Doodle’s coat becomes severely matted, groomers often have no choice but to shave the coat to alleviate the dog’s discomfort. It’s not a decision taken lightly, but it’s usually in the dog’s best interest. Some owners are surprised or upset when they see their Doodle’s coat much shorter than expected, but it’s important to understand that the groomer’s priority is always the dog’s well-being. “Humanity before vanity,” is something you’ll hear from many groomers.

The Art of Line Brushing

When it comes to brushing your Doodle, not just any technique will do. Line brushing is an effective method that ensures you’re reaching all layers of your Doodle’s coat, not just the top layer. Line brushing involves brushing your dog’s fur in sections, from the skin outward, ensuring all tangles and mats are removed.

Bathing Your Doodle and the Role of High-Velocity Dryers

Bathing plays a critical role in keeping your Doodle’s coat healthy and vibrant. But did you know that the steps after the bath are just as important? After bathing your Doodle, it’s time to dry. High-velocity dryers are powerful tools that blow water off your dog’s coat and skin in a fraction of the time it takes to air dry or towel dry. Once your Doodle is thoroughly dry, it’s time for another round of brushing.

Preventing Matting and Pelting

The good news is that matting and pelting can be prevented with regular grooming and brushing. Here are some tips:

  1. Brush Regularly: As mentioned earlier, brush your Doodle every two to three days, or even daily if possible. Use a slicker brush and follow with a comb for the best results.
  2. Learn Line Brushing: In addition to our guide, there are LOTS of YouTube videos on line brushing, with demonstrations for you to watch.
  3. Use the Right Tools: Invest in a good quality brush, comb, and detangling spray.
  4. Professional Grooming: Regular visits to a professional groomer (every 6-8 weeks) can help maintain the coat’s health and catch any early signs of matting.
  5. Home Grooming: Learn basic grooming skills to keep up with your Doodle’s coat in between professional grooming sessions.

Final Thoughts

Having a Doodle is a wonderful experience, but it comes with the responsibility of keeping their coat healthy and free from mats. Regular grooming is not just about keeping your Doodle looking good – it’s essential to their overall health and well-being. So, pick up that brush, and let’s keep those adorable Doodles comfortable, happy, and mat-free!

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